NLP Model of Communication

Every second we are deluged with more than 2 million bits of information from the world. We can only process 134 bits or 7 chunks or so per second.  (source: Miller, Galanter & Pribram*).

What do we do with all of that other information?

  • How do we give the information “meaning”?
  • And how does this meaning or interpretation affect our behavior and outcome?

The Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Communication Model gives insight into these questions. It can help you figure out a new way to get a better outcome by changing your behavior to be more productive and influential. The key is to learn how to change your thoughts, change your emotions and adjust your physiology. These three functions are all “wired” together to help create your behavior, which in turns creates your outcome.

Click here to download a 2-page illustration on the NLP Model of Communication and find out how small shifts can make big changes in your results.


Are you ready to master your mind for a change? Learn more about Neuro Linguistic Programming from NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Mark Shepard. Visit his web site at

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