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This is a one-hour recording of the group coaching follow up call with the participants who attended the workshop “The Power of Making Connections” at the Soroptimist 2014 Convention in Vancouver, BC. This group coaching call is moderated by Soroptimist Kathy McAfee who is known as America’s Marketing Motivator.

In this call you will hear the group discuss:

  1. How do you find the time in your already busy day to networking?
  2. What are the most important things that deserve your time and energy?
  3. Why you should ask more interesting questions when you first meet people
  4. Overcoming the limiting belief, “I’m not good enough.”  Finding the courage and confidence to introduce yourself to powerful people.
  5. How can people in your network help you pave the path to living your dream?
  6. Making the most of LinkedIn to connect with other Soroptimists around the globe
  • Please note:  there is a 40-second gap in this recording at time code 2:57-3:42. Please hang in there, the recording continues and is high value.

Please share this powerful conversation with other women in your Soroptimist clubs and in your network!

Download the Audio Recording – Soroptimist Group Coaching Call with Kathy McAfee




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